About Robert Jordan Wines

As I worked in one of the many vineyards my company manages, my passion for wine began to flourish. Eventually it grew into the dream of creating my own label. My brand would feature wines from the best vineyards I farm in Napa Valley.

Growing wine grapes in Napa Valley is an art and science since every vineyard has unique soil, weather, growing and ownership conditions. Attentive farming protects the vines from the forces of nature. And when done exceptionally well, our careful cultivation produces excellent quality fruit. Thus, it only made sense that my new wine brand use grapes that were raised to meet my own high standards. …From grower to vintner, I made the big leap.

With the help from winemaker Julien Fayard, my Cabernet Sauvignon was fermented and came to life. We then applied a traditional oak protocol: some new barrels, most neutral ones, and all French Oak. Some barrels aged 17 months, others up to 23 months. Throughout the process we blended, balancing fruit flavors, acidity and tannins, to provide body and structure to last for many years to come.

Next came bottling and branding with my signature bow tie, in honor of my father.

And now it’s finally time to pull the cork. Cheers!


At your table…

On the vine…

In your cellar…

In your glass!

With friends…

From Napa Valley

To your home

Black Bow Tie